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Attitude: The Make or Break Factor in Business Success

Attitude: The Make or Break Factor in Business Success

Business success often depends on various elements, from strategic planning and resource allocation to technological adoption and market research. However, while all these aspects indeed play significant roles, there is an underlying factor often overlooked: attitude....

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Meet The Authors

Luke Lintz – CEO

Luke Lintz steers the direction of HighKey Agency with a focus on growth and expansion.

Dealing with client fulfillment daily, Luke’s greatest strength is problem solving.

Highly adaptive, Luke is a creative chameleon, pivoting to meet new situations and mastering new business landscapes with a work ethic that drives HighKey Agency forward.

Jordan Lintz – CMO

Jordan Lintz powers HighKey Agency as a sales and marketing executive.

At home among high-ticket sales and high-level influencer campaigns across all social media platforms, Jordan thrives under pressure.

Jordan’s greatest strength is relationship building; always networking to find ways to help clients leverage fresh value from any position.

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