Frequently Asked Questions

What clients do you work with?

In order to work with HighKey you have to meet the following requirements:

  • $1 Millon+/Year Business Owner
  • Looking to IPO, exit, or raise capital. 
  • Demographic: National USA
  • You are out of the day-to-day operations of the business and can focus on branding.
  • You are thinking with a long-term time horizon about their personal and/or business brand.
What is the cost?

Our packages and services vary based on the goals, length of the relationship, target publications, and full scope of services.
Our packages range from a one-off payment of $5K all the way up to $350K packages.

What makes you different from every other PR company?

We have the relationships to guarantee where your money will go. Many other PR firms work on a retainer model, where you pay a consistent $10,000/month for them to pitch you out. Some months, you may get a few placements; others, you may get nothing.

Here at HighKey Agency, we can guarantee the minimum number of placements you will receive each month, among many other guarantees, depending on the scope of services.

Will I rank on Google?

Yes, if this is yout goal, we will make it happen. Please note that some publications take a little longer to index than others, and it could take up to 6-weeks for particular articles to rank at the top of Google.

Is the press sponsored?

No, we don’t work with sponsored content. \

Some publications might say “contributor content,” but that differs from sponsored and paid publications. Contributor Content means the publisher has hired a freelance editing team rather than having them on permanent payroll.

What is earned media vs guaranteed media?

Earned media is where a publicist creates a short 200-word pitch on a relevant subject and sends it to hundreds of journalists. When a journalist is intrigued about a topic, they will either ask further questions or ask to set up an interview. These publications aren’t guaranteed.

Guaranteed media is where a publicist creates specifically tailored angles for the client, has the client approve, and then works with a contributor to write an article all about the client. Prior to publishing, the client has the opportunity to review/approve the feature before it goes live.

When you say guarantee, where would the placements be, and how can you guarantee?

Guaranteed articles for HighKey Agency are publications that we have a strong relationship with and ultimately can guarantee after creating your newsworthy angles and your press strategy.

We have guaranteed relationships across all industries: fashion, beauty, health, real estate, finance, etc.

What is the reach of the publications I will be placed in?
It all depends on your goals for the press and which tiers are involved in your package. On average, tier 2 publications are within 250,000 to 600,000 monthly readers, and tier 1 publications receive around 1 million to 15 million monthly readers.
How long is the process to start seeing articles?

Our packages typically begin on the 1st or 15th of each month. Once you sign on and place a deposit, we will begin onboarding, which consists of a full interview with one of our esteemed publicists to gather a complete backstory, craft compelling newsworthy angles, and ultimately develop your customized press strategy. The team will then develop an initial pitch (if you opt for earned media) and an article for you to review/approve.

The entire process, from the time you agree to a start date until your article(s) fully go live, is about 3 weeks.

How long will it take for my article to go live after I’ve approved it for publishing?

Every publication is different, but the average turnaround time is around 3-5 days, with others being 1-2 weeks.

Does the press ever get deleted?

No, the publications we work with stay online forever.

Where are you guys located?

Our headquarters are in Puerto Rico. However, our team is based all over the world (United States, Canada, EU)

How are you different than a newswire?

The publications that we’re connected with are reputable, and the stories that are published are organic and non-sponsored. Newswires are sponsored releases that need to be linked to a specific business event. In contrast, the press coverage we secure consists of full-feature articles about relevant subjects and interviews with reporters.

How do you differentiate your tiers?

Tier 1 articles are usually top-tier publications with a huge online presence, over 1.5 million monthly viewers, and, in many cases, have a print version: NY Times, Men’s Journal, and Vogue.

Tier 2 articles are great for boosting your Google ranking but are primarily digital-based and have a monthly viewership under 1 million: Good Men Project, Daily Caller, and Digital Journal.

Can I view my articles on the site before it goes live?

Yes and no. For guaranteed media, we will always ask you to preview/approve the article in a Google Doc. Some publications do ask for final approval on the site, but many others do not. For EM, you will almost never receive the article for approval.

Can I opt out of earned media and just do guaranteed articles that I have control over?

Yes, that is an option you can choose. However, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the EM opportunities your publicist is able to secure. These articles will rank on Google and help with your overall SEO and online credibility.

If I do earned media, will I have to talk to reporters?

In many cases, the reporters are happy to send a questionnaire to be completed via email. However, if you are speaking at a major current event or want to be included in a top-tier publication, being available for a phone or video call is key. Our publicists will provide you with a discussion topic and are available to help you prep before the interview.