The entire team of Highkey
Exemplifies our 3 Core Values

Competitive Greatness

We don’t settle for good; we strive for greatness. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation sets us apart, redefining expectations and fueling growth, self-mastery, and delight in our work. We don’t follow the lead; we are the leaders and lead by example.


Embrace and Lead Change with Speed. In a fast-paced world, we meet change with agility and curiosity. Our strategic vision is executed with speed, adapting and innovating faster than the rest. We don’t just keep up with change; we set the pace


Our work stands out for its integrity, meticulous care, and timely execution. Our commitment to excellence and speed builds trust and respect, ensuring that every task is completed professionally and promptly. Trust is Earned, Not Given. Trust is fragile and valuable, built through ongoing effort, transparency, and positive intentions.

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Meet The HighKey Team

There’s nothing lowkey about us.

We divide and conquer based on our individual strengths to create a team
that’s capable, cutting-edge, and committed to your success.

Jordan Lintz


Luke Lintz


Jackson Lintz

Head Social Media Manager

Nick Kasmik

Operations Manager

Kayla R

Head Publicist 

Christa R


Mady S

Social Media Manager

Erik L

Social Media Manager

Aaron B

Press Executive

Chris P

Press Executive


Press Executive

Saki S

Video Editor

Saqib J

Lead Developer

Linda H


Sarah E


Josefina C

PR Intern

Emily B

Social Media Manager Assistant

Taylore F

Podcast Outreach Specialist

Darby J