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As social media is always evolving, HighKey Agency continuously learns and adapts alongside it to make sure we’re getting the most out of every post and piece of content. Read our articles below for tips on how to make your brand stronger than ever!



What are influencers and how can influencer marketing be used? Intro We live in an era where the majority of citizens (even within third world countries) have smartphones…. and with smartphones comes applications… more specifically, social media applications. It is no...

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Meet Our Authors

Luke Lintz – CEO

Luke Lintz steers the direction of the company, always focusing on growth and expansion. He also deals with client fulfillment on the daily, maintaining consistent relationships. His strongest ability is being able to adapt to new situations and master them in a short period. That paired with a strong work ethic is a massive combo to getting work done efficiently.

Jordan Lintz – CMO

Jordan Lintz is a sales and marketing executive. He consistently deals with high-ticket sales, and large budget influencer campaigns across all social media platforms. His biggest strength is his capability to not only network, but figure out unique ways to gain value out of a seemingly basic relationship.

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