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Welcome to the HighKey Agency Blue Check Press Package! This press package is currently HighKey’s largest standardized press package that can be purchased. This package includes 20+ highly ranked articles as well as one highlight full feature placement.

The highlight full feature is a potential article on a high-level platform like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider and so many more. Our press team works on putting together a pitch about your entire life story and key writing angles that correlate with current situations in order to pitch to writers at these high-level platforms.

HighKey Agency is a full-service Agency so our team takes care of the writing of the articles, editing, outreach, pitching, and publishing!

Timeline: 6 – 8 weeks.

Below are some of the publications that we pitch to for potential placements. The majority of the article placements are determined by your industry and story.

• Business Insider & Yahoo Finance
& Yahoo News-Press Release
• Respect Magazine
• London Daily Post
• TechBullion
• BigTimesDaily
• Business Deccan
• TimesBulletin
• Globestats
• StatsGlobe
• American Reporter
• American Daily Post
• California Herald
• Thrive Global
• Kivo Daily
• Disrupt
• Medium
• Influencive
• The NewYork Weekly


#1 - Grow Your Brand

Press is the BEST way to increase your authority on Google. Articles published by HighKey rank at the top of Google’s home page and Google News. There is nothing that closes business deals easier than when people search you up on Google and all the search results are filled with articles about your entire story!

#2 - Natural Search Results

All of HighKey's articles rank at the top of  Google search results. These articles can also be viewed in perpetuity by anyone searching up keywords within the articles.

#3 - Verification On Social Media

Press is how you become "Notable and Newsworthy" on Google which is known to heavily increase your chances of verification on every social media platform.

#4 - Social Media Content

After an article is published you can immediately push it across your social media platforms, like your Instagram story. This will undoubtedly get instant recognition from your followers.

#5 - Brand Recognition

Once your articles are published you can start adding key sections to your website like "Featured in Yahoo" or "Featured in Forbes," which are big power moves!

What is HighKey's Process of Creating Publications?


1. Choosing an Article Package

Choosing one of our press packages that will meet your goals and is for your exact industry!


2. Sign the Contract

Add the digital press package product to your cart. Once you begin the check out process a contract will automatically be sent to you!


3. Fill out the Questionnaire

After the checkout is completed one of our PR Managers will be in touch and will get started with a questionnaire.


4. Creating all the Draft Articles & Pitches

Our team of editorial writers utilizes the filled out questionnaire to draft an initial set of articles and pitch angles that we can use for outreaching.


5. Final Review

Then the articles are given back to you for a final review before publishing.


6. Press Submission

We publish the dedicated articles onto the platforms in the press package.

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