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#1 - Grow Your Brand

Press is the most effective way to increase your authority on Google. Articles published by HighKey Agency consistently rank at the top of Google and Google News. Nothing closes business deals faster or easier than potential partners, investors or clients searching your name and finding quality articles, on the most trusted digital platforms, that tell your story.


HighKey Agency press articles consistently rank at the top of Google to provide long term branding power. Today, tomorrow and well into the future, articles can be viewed in perpetuity by anyone searching for your brand. This helps remove the friction between sales and establishes instant trust between you and your audience.


Press is your vehicle to become ‘Notable and Newsworthy’ on Google – both of which are required to earn your blue tick of verification. As exposure and awareness heavily increase your chances of verification across every social media platform, your own priceless blue check is within reach. And it all starts with HighKey Agency.

#4 - Social Media Content

After our articles are published you can immediately push them across your social media platforms, like your Instagram story or LinkedIn feed. This cross-platform promotion will deliver instant exposure and generate buzz from your followers. The more people are talking about you online, the faster your brand will grow.

#5 - Brand Recognition

Once your articles are published you can add key sections to your website like “Featured in Yahoo” or “Featured in Forbes”. More than a vanity metric, connecting your brand with well established digital platforms makes it easy for people to trust you, and do business with you.
Aka, you start making power moves!

What Type of Publications Does HighKey Offer?

Tier 1 Press

Press Release

Tier 2 Press

articles on Mid Tier

Tier 3 Press

articles on High Tier

What is HighKey’s Process of Creating Press & Securing Publications?


#1. Choosing an article package

Select the Press Package that suits your goals and matches your industry.

HighKey Agency offers tiers and packages to suit all brand needs.


#2. Secure Your Press Package

Add your selected Press Package to your cart and complete the check-out process.

Your contract will be automatically sent to you so we can begin work ASAP


#3. Complete the Questionnaire

One of our PR Managers will be in touch with a custom questionnaire/interview.

This helps us understand your unique story and brand positioning.


#4. Sit Back and Relax

Our team of in-house editorial writers uses the questionnaire to turn your story into irresistible articles and pitches.

We’ll send your story to relevant publishers (you don’t have to lift a finger).


#5. Final Review

After our articles and pitches have been accepted, we’ll send all content to you for final review.

Nothing gets published without your approval, and everything that gets published will boost your brand.


#6. Press Submission

Your approved articles are published across high-ranking websites within your Press Package.

Exposure, organic traffic, interest and awareness – they’re all yours

HighKey’s articles

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Canadian philosopher and media theorist Marshall McLuhan published a book back in 1964 titled “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.” Within this writing, he famously stated, “The medium is the message.” He actually titled a future book of his, with tongue in cheek, “The Medium Is the Massage” — as in “massage.” 

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Luke Lintz is a Canadian businessman, Instagram star, and social media personality. He is known as a co-founder of HighKey Holdings Inc., a multi-service company along with his brother Jordan. He is also known for writing business articles for Forbes. His popular business article is “Live As A Brand, Or Die As A Commodity”.

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