Online Press & Publication Services 

Are you looking to rapidly expand your online presence? Generate mass appeal and brand authority within your niche? Finally get the recognition you’ve been searching for?

HighKey Agency is now expanding into PR for personal brands looking to improve their chances of verification on social media and form a well-rounded, respectable, authoritative online presence.

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Online Press & Publication Services Include

Brand Authority

Increasing presence in online publications to create a doubtless personal or business brand authority. These include popular online media outlets including, but not limited to, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Medium, and many more!

If you’re looking for instant authority among your audience and are ready to transform your online presence, this is the service for you.

SEO Ranking

Google search ranking services. Lifting your name out of the search ranking gutter. And placing it at the very top of Google SEO Rankings so that your online presence instantly gains authority whenever anyone “googles” your name.

Imagine googling your name and finding multiple interviews, publications, public appearances and more plastered over the first page of google. Imagine the instantaneous respect this will garner for your brand. Google is the front page of the internet, why not have your front page stand out?

Get Verified

Working with us will not only generate growth and authority in Google search rankings. But having this kind of online presence will improve your chances of verification across all of your social media channels.

The more consistent press you have over a short period of time puts you on the radar for social media platforms, when you apply for the verification badge!

Client Examples

Yahoo Finance 

HighKey Technology Inc.’s Instagram Page Now Has Over 15 Million Views

Disrupt Digital 

Achieving Success In An Ever-Expanding Digital Economy; The Jordan Lintz Way. 

Thrive Global 

For Dreams To Become True Hard Work Is Required And This Entrepreneur Shows You Why


Ricky Carruth teaches us how fear is one of the main ingredients to the recipe for success.

A Few Of Our Amazing Clients

HighKey Agency has custom packages for FULL SERVICE management of Instagram, PR, Podcasts, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook Retargeting Ads.

HighKey Agency

Distributed PR Articles.

Want to generate instant authority among your audience and grow your brand?

This is a no brainer for anyone looking to take their online presence seriously! Generate more sales and become reputable online.

What Our Clients Are Saying?

“HK Agency was able to obtain a $20 cost per acquisition while growing my Instagram page from 4000 to 70 000+ followers, in under 6 months! 
I started this team with their Instagram test trial as they suggested and after the first month, I gained 10K REAL followers and I was profitable with my ad spend!!! I was shocked at this agencies performance. I have hired 4 marketing agencies in the past, and I have never seen such results before.
After the first month, I moved all the way up to their biggest program because I want to completely take over the social media space. Great things to come with HK Agency!”


Real Estate Investor, Coach, Book Author.

“I was more than frustrated with my Instagram content and strategy. I tried other content agencies before and none of them understood me or our message. Thank goodness for the team at HighKey. They took the time to learn what we do. They took a genuine interest in seeing that we wanted to educate people on how to build wealth through real estate. And then they took the ball and ran with it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks guys!”


Real Estate Investor.

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with the team at High Key Agency. I came to the agency looking for a solution to generate more online and social media leads and am excited to begin seeing results. They are data-driven company that seems to genuinely care about the result they delivery for their clients. Through the project they have been nothing short of attentive, professional, responsive and really savvy!
I went to High Key because of the impressive work they did for another client, but I was won-over when they offered me a different solution altogether. It showed me they were really listening to my business model and goals and weren’t going to offer a one-size fits all solution.”


Branding Specialist