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HighKey’s press services aim to increase your Google presence, so when any lead, business contact, or employee searches your name on Google, they will see top-ranking publications of journalists speaking about your brand in a positive light.

This elevated Google brand image will make it easier to attract new leads, close more deals, attract potential and attract top-level talent to your business with the newly added credibility.

HighKey offers a comprehensive approach to public relations. The team of experienced publicists, journalists, and writers will become familiar with your brand to develop and secure newsworthy stories in targeted publications.

Three key methods are utilized in the pursuit of top-level media coverage:

  1. News Jacking: The publicists at HighKey remain up to date on industry news, presenting you as a thought leader in your respective fields.
  2. Custom Stories/Pitches: The team formulates your most newsworthy angles into pitches and distributes them to journalists with close connections or to a targeted list of industry journalists.
  3. Industry “Call Outs”: Journalists may contact HighKey for industry leaders’ comments on specific topics. HighKey will position you for these “Call Outs” when they align.

On top of these strategies, we have developed very strong relationships with journalists and publications at over 1000+ outlets, which gives us the confidence to have guarantees as part of our custom packages.

HighKey Can Potentially Feature You In:


HighKey only builds out custom packages for their clients, because every clients branding needs are unique. Our pricing can compare to hiring 1 elite employee inside of your company.

But the difference between us and 1 employee is that you have an entire team of experts in their own areas.

For example, our press packages are completely full service, where we have a Publicist, editorial writer, and our journalist connections who will interview you, write the pitches, write the articles, and then we will guarantee you massive monthly placements in top press, TV and podcast placements.


Earned media is an effective way to increase your visibility on Google and position you as an industry leader. Earned media is content relating to a person or organization, which is published by a third party without any form of payment to the publisher.

With organic search results, your brand will have long-term exposure and credibility as articles can be viewed indefinitely. 

Brand recognition will also increase as you can showcase your press coverage on your website, connecting your brand with trusted digital platforms.

HighKey Agency’s press executives will assess your story and determine if it’s a suitable fit for top-tier publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today etc. They will conduct an interview, have their publicists review your story, and provide recommendations on the best media placements for your brand.

To begin the process, schedule a call with a HighKey Agency brand executive and we will build a custom package for you.

Press Masterclass By CEO Luke Lintz

How To Get Started With HighKey Agency?

Step 1: Schedule a Call with HighKey

Fill out the “Contact Us” form, and a HighKey representative will be in touch to schedule a quick, 20 minute call.

Step 2: Call With A Brand Executive

During the scheduled call, a HighKey Brand Executive will review your current objectives, social media/Google presence, stories, etc. Then, they will share an example press and/or social media package and guarantees that would make the most sense.


Step 3: Receive A Custom Strategy & Package

A custom strategy, custom package and custom guarantees will be built specifically for you, so you can make an informed decision before moving forward.

How Does HighKey Secure Top-Level Press Coverage?

Step 1: Get to Know Your Business

A HighKey press manager will interview you and figure out the best ways to position you as a leader in your industry and create news stories that reporters will want to write about.


Step 2: Review Media Pitches & Articles

Based on your custom package, HighKey will put together some media pitches and articles for you to look over. This will happen within three business days after the chat.


Step 3: Sit Back and Let Us Do the Work

Once the pitches and articles are approved, the HighKey team will go to work and secure the media coverage outlined in your plan. Our goal is always to do more than what was promised and make the process as easy for you as possible.

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