HighKey Technology Inc!

HighKey Technology is an e-commerce company for futuristic consumer technology that was created by the owners of HighKey Agency.

What is HighKey Technology?

HighKey Technology prides themselves with their community and loyal fan base they have built, across all social media platforms they specifically dedicate most of their time on Instagram (@highkeyco) and Snapchat (highkeyco.com).

On Instagram they make comedic skits, revolving around key experiences and problems they encountered throughout their lives.

The Problem?

The social media team at HighKey Technology was having trouble gaining a lot of traction and increasing their ROI with social media.

The Solution?

In under a year we grew HighKey Technology to over 400K followers, with consistent content that revolved around their products and appealed to their exact target market.

In little under a year we grew their sales from 30K per year to over 600K. This revenue growth was accomplished by building a massive presence on their Instagram page and doing massive Influencer collaborations on several social media channels.

High Key Social Accounts.

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