Case Studies

 Discover the strategies and social media innovations we used to grow our client’s personal brands.

Stefan Aarnio

Overview Of Brand: 

Stefan Aarnio is the author of Self Made, Money People Deal, Ten Commandments of Negotiation, The Close: 7 level selling and Hard Times Creates Strong Men. He is an award-winning real estate Investor of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award. Moreover, Stefan Aarnio’s real estate students have one of the highest success rates across Canada.

Ricky Carruth

Overview Of Brand: 

Ricky was born and raised on the Gulf Coast. Ricky starting his career more than 20 years ago therefore has been on, and watched, the roller coaster of an up and down market.

Throughout Ricky’s real estate career he has learned many lessons, He knows what do to, what not to do, he watches trends in every angle of the real estate business, from quality of build to newly built remodels, from comps to inspections, and negotiating with buyers and sellers.

Clayton Morris

Overview Of Brand: 

Clayton Morris an American real estate investor and host of the Investing in Real Estate podcast. He is a former co-host of The Daily Buzz and Good Day Philadelphia on Fox’s WTXF-TV who moved to co-host Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel in 2009.

HighKey Technology Inc

Overview Of Brand: 

HighKey Technology is an e-commerce company for futuristic consumer technology that was built by the same partners of HighKey Agency.

Fred Cary

Overview Of Brand: 

Fred Cary is a successful entrepreneur who began his journey at the age of twenty-two, and now a couple of decades later, he has grown his resume impressively.

Damon Woodward

Overview Of Brand: 

With no college education, Damon went from working as a miner to now being a high profile real estate investor who’s flipping houses and closing six-figure deals.


Overview Of Brand: 

Blackcard University is an academy and the legacy of award-winning real estate investor, Stefan Aarnio, which gives individuals in-depth information regarding the real estate industry.

Bao-Tran Nguyen & Nathan Jeal

Overview Of Brand: 

They are two of the most well known dental practitioners in Manitoba, and even go around the country to offer their business and dental advice at seminars.