Brand Buildout

A complete asset buildout of everything needed for an elite social media presence. Everything is completely customized according to the exact needs of your business.

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What is a Brand Buildout?

HighKey Agency’s Brand Buildout is a set of brand assets that are needed before creating a Rockstar Social Media presence.

Everything listed in our Brand Buildout is either assets that you have already created in the past, or something that our team of graphic designers, video editors, and web developers will create.

Let’s Get To Work…

Once we fully understand your personal/business brand and the goals you are looking to accomplish, it’s time to set up all your necessary brand assets.

We begin by designing your website in a way that communicates your core values to your audience and highlights your exclusive offers.

The brand asset list is based on what social media platform you need HighKey Agency to operate. Below is a list showing the brand assets relating to their respective social media channels:

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What is the cost of this Brand Buildout?

The cost is determined by what brand assets you already have in place, and which services you will be needing from HighKey Agency.

Services That We Offer In The Brand Buildout

Website Creation

A professional website that is created completely custom for the Client’s brand. The assets that are created and implemented in the website comes from the Client’s brand outline.
All copywriting is done based off of previous written/video material the Client has or done through a specific Q&A process with the Client.

The links below will share some of HighKey Agency’s Website Examples:

Logos + Design Guides

A custom logo that is created completely custom for the Client’s brand.

HighKey Agency Logo Examples

Social Media Banners

Custom social media banners that aim to show and explain the Client’s brand. HighKey Agency makes main header banners for YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

HighKey Agency Social Media Banner Examples

Social Media Intros and Outros

Custom Intros and Outros to establish your brand and gain more engagement and conversions through social media video posts.

HighKey Agency Social Media Intro and Outro Examples

Content Strategy

This is where we strategize an exact idea and rollout plan for content across all your social media platforms and what the starting point is going to look like.

No Surprises

At HighKey Agency, you won’t be hit with any surprises. The only thing that may surprise you is how fast your audience starts to grow when you start working with us. We are reliable as it gets, and our team knows how to get the job done every single day.

Low Risk & Proven Stretegy.

You may be an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy taking the unnecessary risks! Like many of your business decisions, you’re cool and calculated about this one. So let us assure you that this decision will be one you won’t regret. We follow a proven strategy for results and client satisfaction.

Quality Leads & Results

Conversions that work. Growing your personal brand or business brand to a professional level online will help slowly build up quality leads and results, only increasing as your reputation grows.

Would you like help to launch your next campaign? We can help.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“HK Agency was able to obtain a $20 cost per acquisition while growing my Instagram page from 4000 to 70 000+ followers, in under 6 months! 
I started this team with their Instagram test trial as they suggested and after the first month, I gained 10K REAL followers and I was profitable with my ad spend!!! I was shocked at this agencies performance. I have hired 4 marketing agencies in the past, and I have never seen such results before.
After the first month, I moved all the way up to their biggest program because I want to completely take over the social media space. Great things to come with HK Agency!”


Real Estate Investor, Coach and Author.

“I was more than frustrated with my Instagram content and strategy. I tried other content agencies before and none of them understood me or our message. Thank goodness for the team at HighKey. They took the time to learn what we do. They took a genuine interest in seeing that we wanted to educate people on how to build wealth through real estate. And then they took the ball and ran with it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks guys!”


Real Estate Investor

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with the team at High Key Agency. I came to the agency looking for a solution to generate more online and social media leads and am excited to begin seeing results. They are data-driven company that seems to genuinely care about the result they delivery for their clients. Through the project they have been nothing short of attentive, professional, responsive and really savvy!
I went to High Key because of the impressive work they did for another client, but I was won-over when they offered me a different solution altogether. It showed me they were really listening to my business model and goals and weren’t going to offer a one-size fits all solution.”


Entrepreneur and Branding Specialist


#1 ReMax Agent in Alabama, Investor and Book Author


Real Estate Investor, Coach and Book Author.